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EarJellies are the World's most comfortable and effective noise reducing earplugs. These revolutionary products are made from MemorySil®, a unique shape-memory viscoelastic silicone that allows them to custom fit to your ears every time you wear them. EarJellies seal your ears perfectly, keeping water and noise out and quiet in. These earplugs are ideal for anyone sleeping, swimming, or in need of noise relief in a loud environment!

Choosing the Right EarJellies

  1. Finding the right size EarJellies will make all the difference when it comes to performing your regular activities and routines throughout the day and night. The right size for you is based on the largest EarJellies that you can roll out into a long, narrow cylinder-on-a-base shape and slide successfully into your ear canal. This will ensure a gentle seal for significant noise reduction and comfort you’ll notice instantly. If not, you may be able to use the next size down, but the seal may not be as effective.
  2. If a pair of EarJellies are too large, you won't be able to slide them into your ear canals and they won't seal properly. Instead, they will bunch up every time you try to insert them and their bulbs will look short and fat when you remove them from your ears. However, if a pair of EarJellies is too small, you will be able to insert them easily into your ear canals, but they, too, won't seal properly. You will continue to hear sounds at nearly the same loudness as if the EarJellies were not in your ears, and, if you’re using them while swimming, they will not keep out water. When you remove them, they will have almost their original bulb-on-base shapes rather than being molded to the shapes of your ear canals.
  3. The easiest way to determine which size EarJellies you should be using is to purchase the Variety Package, which contains one pair each of Small, Medium, and Large so that you have the convenience of having all of the sizes. It’s recommended to try the medium size first, but be ready to switch to either Small or Large if you experience problems with that size.

Ultra Low Pressure Ear Plugs for Maximum Comfort

High Noise Reduction

Read what others are saying:

Such a great purchase! I have worn ear plugs on and off for years but have never found ones that are so effective at blocking noise. These blocked out the early morning garbage collectors, loud sidewalk talkers, etc. Pretty amazing! They sit securely and comfortably without falling out overnight. I can imagine these would be fantastic for workers who have noise exposure on the job, or folks working from home who are trying to drown out noisy family members! Definitely worth the price!


My son has searched high and low for effective earplugs to block out the noise of his housemates so he can get a good night's sleep. No earplugs did the job until he tried these. He RAVED about how well they shut out the noise. I am so glad we tried these--they really do seem to work.


These are the best earplugs ever! Excellent water seal!

Keith M

Great for my noisy morning commute

Stephen W