Super-Comfortable Earplugs begin with MemorySil

How do you make an earplug that's stiff enough to insert in your ear, but so soft that you can barely tell you're wearing it? You need to use a material with a variable softness: medium-soft when you're sliding the earplug in your ear, but super-soft when you're wearing the earplug. You need MemorySil®!

MemorySil® is an astonishing shape-memory silicone that has just the right properties for an earplug. Although it's molded into a specific shape, MemorySil® can learn new shapes temporarily. It feels medium-soft when it's trying to keep its current shape, but super-soft when it's allowed to relax.

EarJellies Earplugs are made of MemorySil®. Since MemorySil® tries to keep whatever shape you've taught it recently, an EarJellies Earplug feels medium-soft once you've rolled it into a cylinder and are inserting it in your ear canal. But as the EarJellies slowly relaxes in your ear, it gradually returns toward its molded shape, seals your ear canal perfectly, and feels as soft as a cloud.

Because EarJellies Earplugs seal your ear canals, they provides excellent noise reduction. Because they're so amazingly soft while you're wearing them, it's easy to forget they're there. You can have your cake and eat it too!

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